About Us

Rex, Roxy, Sofee, Charlie, Lexie, Milly and Luci are the reason for PussnPooch. They’re the crazy, silly, eccentric, annoying, neurotic, yet adorable, beautiful and unconditionally loving critters that are responsible for PNP’s creation. They live with us – in our house…in our bed, under our feet,,,on our laps..and anywhere else we just happen to be.

Pet Parents love their pets. They love them because pets add a beautiful dimension to a human’s life. Where else do you get that absolute friendship, that love, joyfulness and playfulness even when you’re in a crappy mood and you’ve had a rotten day?  Pets enrich your mood, they make you feel good and they’re always there for you.

PussnPooch is about giving back to your best mate. It’s about enhancing their life with specially selected and personalised products that make them feel good and make them look even better! PussnPooch is delivering happiness for your pets… just because pets your make life better.

Oh, by the way, the aforementioned critters are five cats and two dogs who rule our house – we’re just the hired help! (But secretly, we wouldn’t have it any other way)🤣