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Cleaning up after your pet can be messy. Whether it’s in your home or out on your walks, you need to have the right products to make the job easier. We stock a range of useful products. These will make it simpler and more tolerable to pick up after puss or pooch. We have fragranced and colourful poop bags. Look at our beautifully designed poop bag holders. You can attach these to the leash or your belt or bag. You’ll definitely find a product to meet your needs.

Stop walking over cat litter that has been traipsed around your home. Our functional litter mats that collect litter from your cat’s feet (and yours!). The big litter scoops effortlessly sift the litter tray. Clean up can now be easier, more pleasant and less annoying!

Doo Doo Holders

Pablo Doo-Doo Holder